luni, martie 15, 2010

Pas d’ inquiétude

Il pleure cette nuit
C’est impossible d’adormir
pour quelqu’un que ne peut pas de se réveiller

Dans les bras de la mort
Il pleure sans voix
toujours avec ses miroirs

Il voit se refléter
le spectre au dessus de lui
un sourise avec yeaux aveuglé!

les penses sont bruyant!
Il a vécu pour crier
mais maintenant, il va être effacé
Tout seul dans les quatre mirroirs de la mort

luni, martie 08, 2010


Ceea ce nu poți spune, nu poți spune
și nici vedea, și nici nu o să te împiedici de adevăr
Știi că e acolo, l-ai visat în mâna dreaptă
avea ea buze și ochi pentru tine
în același timp

Nu te-a mirat să descoperi palma mâinii stângi
traducând în zadar ceea ce alții au tăcut înaintea ta

Mișcare în mișcare, gândurile îți sunt ilustrate
niciodată spuse
ci ilustrate
în mâinile pe care nu le poți tăia
și nici tăcea.

luni, noiembrie 23, 2009


Are you enough?
When I mean to say I love you
Words would cling into my thoughts
Clutching for faith where there is none
Seeking for peace in a barren place.
And that’s not serenity for then
I stay still in the snow
Wait for it to freeze around my eyes
To build the frost, to grow inside of me
Like the parasitic child grows inside of a mother’s womb
To change her
To change itself,
To become enough.

miercuri, septembrie 02, 2009


When I had no eyes, no light; for the world, no sight
everything was such a peaceful maze
The days I had no eyes, the days of sweet and dreamless nights.
Consuming, protecting, embracing
Silent, frail and fearless
How could I still not hold that day I could first feel
The cold of scissors and of drawing steel
The days they first sew in my eyes
The first days I knew no longer what is real.
Slashing, Cutting, Deepening
Sharp, Cold, strong
For the light was all so bright
And oh, I danced, I danced into the black-freed night!
Music was itself benign, and your love could have no fear.
Stitches held everything still as near.
(Blind light in a cornered sight)

The needle went through the stainless skin
just below my forehead and high above my lips
And as light crawled in steps of violin
Darkness knew of light, and light crawled in -eclipse-

Then they held my hands and legs and flowing blood
They did not know what they were up against
The didn’t know of the world inside the flood
And they drew the eyes of a world condensed.
(A strangled star catches the falling night
No sight could ever make it right)

Shapes fall in elongated sorrows
and time is scared itself, counting shrinking hours.
Steps fall still as he takes my hand and follows
Now both are blind, faces no longer ours…

And love, do you remember….

Inside-out Logic

Human cannot be asked
to fulfill patterns, to feel social frights
or word love.
human is not us

the voice is within
the one who tells us to be
yet something else,
muffled outside

inside I feel human
outside I am me

inside you are human
outside you are them

I, which is not me -
wished you'd loved human.


Unde, unde sa ma aflu
cand lumea toata e un singur loc
un singur loc, in locul nostru
restul tot e numai joc

Alerg, alerg spre tine iar
doar ca acolo, acolo nu razbesc
toata lumea e doar noi
si eu si tu cand te iubesc

doar unde, unde sa te aflii
la mine sigur n-ai sa fii
doar noi iti sta in loc, in joc
restul nu-s, fie ei si mii in mii

unde, unde noi sa fim
si in rima e absurd
ne repetam in lume noi
si ne purtam de parca am fi

duminică, aprilie 05, 2009

Demonii lui Aprilie

As uita primavara
Cum copacul se lasa golit de flori
Si florile de petale.

Iarna a venit din nou
pentru cei ce poarta in palma ochii nostri.